Speed Thrills

We live in a world of instant gratification. We keep on seeking greater and greater speed – both for the sake of thrill and also because waiting is becoming increasingly difficult. We feel, or at least we try to convince ourselves, that it is all for gain, advantage, growth.

However, this attitude seems to be eroding a great deal from our lives. It is possible that after all the races and the wins we may end up a loser. We may have all the right information, latest gadgets, best of positions, great wealth, but then also realize that – nothing satisfies.

The Word of God calls us for patient endurance (Rev 1:9). It is a big waiting game. We are called to wait in anticipation for God’s intervention in specific situations even when God is there with us all the time. We wait for circumstances to change. But as we wait, we find that circumstances are not so important after all. God is important: And God alone matters.

We share in Jesus Christ with all the saints who have ever lived on the face of the earth and who are alive today and who will come after us – persecution, kingdom, patient endurance.

This is our call. This is our lot.