Silence, God is Holy

Debates never cease. Can we do this? Are we right in doing that? Arguments fly according to each person’s opinion and stand. Hardly do we reach any conclusion or even a consensus. This is especially true for those issues that are not clearly addressed in the Bible. It is true that the scriptures do not speak conclusively on many areas and aspects that do relate to our life.

But then, Christian life is not supposed to be a static experience that has all easy answers. Christian life is about growth even as we worship our Lord God with more of wonder than understanding.

What the scriptures say conclusively should be taken as God’s revealed truth. We need the sense to accept God’s truth and obey rather than try to bypass.

Nevertheless, many problems are not resolved in mind and life. We seek holiness but are not making much progress. To facilitate progress we need to grow in two directions.

  1. Growing in the knowledge of our own depravity and brokenness. Many things that we do are plain shameful acts. There are so many things that just reflect our own weak and helpless and broken state. Growth in this understanding should ideally make us humble, dependent all the more on the grace of God through Jesus Christ.
  2. Growing in the knowledge of God’s holiness. It is simply true that the best in us or from us will fall short of the holiness of God.

So, it is so much better to remain silent. Not a purposeless, passive silence – but an active, God seeking, ‘God’s holiness experiencing’ silence, so full of passion and desire to love God and be like Him. It is a silence that bears witness to both the unutterable holiness of God and also the unutterable passion of God’s elect to be holy like God in Jesus Christ our Saviour.


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