A Prayer

God you are our everything. Bless your people everywhere.

Your people live in all the lands of the world: In places that are relatively safe and in lands that are terrorized: In places of prosperity and in places of famine: In living lives of excesses and also in living lives of extreme poverty.

But you O Lord Jesus are everything to everyone.

For in the land of darkness you are our light and in the land of light you only brighten our eyes. You are our protector in the land of safety and you watch over us in the land of terror. You only gladden us in prosperity and you nourish us in famine. You are our joy in bounty and you sustain us in poverty. In living we are marching to Zion, your blessed city; and in dying we are only drawing close to our eternal home.

You are our everything.

So continue to bless us your people, wherever you have placed us and in the portion that you have graciously allotted to us – even as we seek to live the mystery of you, Christ Jesus, living in us and we living in you.



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