A Reflection on Deuteronomy 31

O Lord, we are broken people.

Left to ourselves we are no good. You know, so surely, what we are up to.

What is that within us that makes us so rebellious, disobedient, haters of you God, and your ways.

We reciprocate not your great blessings with devotion that is true.

We go astray, bringing great destruction upon ourselves.

And then when terrible troubles assail us we would prefer to blame you all the more.

Don’t know why, true repentance seems so strange, irrelevant, silly.


Help O Lord, we are a broken people.

We need, again and again, your hand to mend us, repair us, and straighten us.

We want you to heal us from that terrible sickness called sin.

Align our frames so that we may see light –

Abide in us O blessed Lord and consume all that is unworthy of you.


For all that you have required of us is to –

Hear your Word

Learn to fear you

And diligently observe all that you have asked of us.


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