Telling Your Story

When we work as cross-cultural missionaries – in spite of the many hurdles and challenges – we are blessed by the support given by those first generation believers who are glad to live for Jesus Christ and unashamedly witnessing Him.

In a recent gathering a believer put her testimony in such a simple but profound manner when she said:

“Before we knew Jesus Christ there was the foul smell of sin on us and there was the smell of poverty on us. But when we knew Jesus Christ everything has changed.”

She and her husband are working as unskilled laborers in a small factory that has refused to raise their wages this year. Nevertheless, they are living witnesses of a living God who transforms and sustains.

Remembering our stories and telling them and retelling them with joy, without shame is such an important thing. Let us ask for God’s wisdom to put forth our stories in beautiful and creative ways.

And every story testifies to the greatness of what Christ Jesus has done for us in His advent, passion, and exaltation.

Glory, glory, be to the Lamb of God.


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