Living Free, Doing Good…

Sometimes in life we feel that we are at the mercy of others and that people who care less about us are in positions that can affect us. It can be based on family ties, job, ministry, economy, etc. we want to do something or go somewhere, but then we are held by the decisions or will of others.

How do we as God’s people respond to this?

  1. Jesus is the Lord of all lords. It is true that we are under authority and not all are blessed with loving or even sympathetic authorities. But then we have this truth from scriptures that Jesus Christ who loves us with a never ending love is above all else. He is, in spite of all the other circumstances, favorable or unfavorable, able to keep us and guide us in His purpose.
  2. Who can match or even keep in step with the moves of God. Haman had made his calculated moves and he had the authority to do away with Mordecai and also extend destruction to Mordecai’s people. He had clinched his goal, almost, until God revealed all that He had done and was doing. If Haman was positioned in authority then God had positioned Esther as queen for that opportune time. Moreover, God controlled whether the king slept or not; what he would do to spend his sleepless hours, and in the reading of documents what page should be read to him, and finally what feelings he should have regarding the man God wanted to honor. It is so very significant that Mordecai was not rewarded when he had saved the king’s life. It is unusual but God had caused that omission for rewarding at a better time and as time proved he was honored all the more.

So, no matter what our lot and no matter what the plots are against us God is authoring our life and He will not only decide the fate He will also tie all the loose ends. Let us seek to keep doing good all the more because we have a God who ensures that we are rewarded, if not now, then at a better time for greater joy.


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