Prayer to the Creator

“Heavenly Father, we pray that you will grant us the Holy Spirit to move over the dark, unformed/deformed /inadequately formed, and chaotic areas of our life, to bring about your holy will; even as your Son, our Savior Jesus Christ, the Word of God manifests Himself for creating in us, for us, and through us the life that you want us to live for the glory of your blessed name, the one true and living God, Amen.”

To begin with, the earth was described as void, chaotic, and that darkness covered the deep waters. The work of God was only begun and therefore ‘pre-complete.’ In Genesis 1:31, God, after His work, sees all that He had created and calls it ‘very good.’

Our own life today – though, far from becoming what God has purposed for us – may be worked upon by God the Father to fulfill His holy will, as the Holy Spirit ‘moves over’ us and the Son of God manifests Himself as the Creative Word, bringing forth even what is not.


Where there is darkness for us let us see God bringing light.

Where there is no space/home/occupation let us see God providing space for us even as He did at first by moving the waters and creating dry land.

Where there is lack let us see God bringing forth resources that we need to live.

Where we are in need of supportive relationships let us see God bringing for us all whom we need to become what He wants us to be and also fulfill His will here and now.

And when all is done may God look at our life and remark – “It is very good.”


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