There is a Booth There….

There are those who are living faithfully for God, but then, they are troubled by the problems and troubles that come upon them. How can one who is living in close proximity to God be also exposed to several trials – is a difficult question to answer.

Such a life, troubled by various things, bears witness to at least two things:

  1. We are still on earth: Having lost it in Eden we don’t have any more the perfect world that God had created. God will redeem and make perfect His creation. But till then, we are living in a broken world and are exposed to all the ‘elements’ of trouble that this world has and does bring upon us.
  2. We are pilgrims here on earth: We are on a journey. Our whole life is a journey. However, we do experience the presence of God in this pilgrimage. Guarding a pilgrim mindset makes us realize that we actually don’t have much to lose; and thus, endurance becomes all the more acceptable.

Isaiah (in the 4th chapter) proclaims that those who live near the temple of God are also exposed to the elements and fury of nature. Yes, there is the manifest presence of God there which is glorious. But then, it is also another location on planet earth. We as God’s people, who are experiencing His presence daily, are still living in a world that awaits redemption.

Nevertheless, praise be to God – He has graciously provided ‘a booth for shade by day from the heat, and for a refuge and a shelter from the storm and rain’ (Isaiah 4:6, ESV).

Jesus has graciously provided for us His pilgrims, a ‘booth/place’ to be safe, secure, protected and sustained – on a day to day basis.

Can our prayer life be that ‘booth,’ helping us to endure the troubles that come upon us?


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