Sacrificial Offering Vs Profit Making

It is not proper for us to consider Christian worship as a means for making gains in this temporal life. Of course, it is not to deny that, many people have been immensely blessed in knowing God and walking in His ways.

Often worship is considered as a way to please God and when God is pleased we get what we want.

Well, ‘Do we really need to please God?’ or ‘Is God pleased with us because of us abiding in Jesus Christ by His grace?’

A particular model of worship was suggested by the devil to none other than Jesus Christ when he said – ‘You gain all these things if you worship me.’ Jesus outright rejected the proposal by making a fundamental point that – ‘God alone is worthy of worship.’

The basic error in the devil’s suggestion was in going against the eternal, unchanging truth that there can be no other object of worship other than the blessed Trinity.

However, there is also a subtle error that we seem to have swallowed unwittingly; and that is, ‘worshiping for gain.’

The Jesus model stands in stark contrast to the various models of worship in the world that follow the ‘worship for gain’ mantra.

A true worshiper worships in spirit and truth, and other than the spiritual act of offering oneself, worship can never be connected to the petty business of making profit.

Like oil or wax that burns itself out in offering light.

The Jesus model as exemplified from Abel to Jesus Christ and from Jesus Christ to the present day worshiper – is about offering oneself with love to be consumed.

Every instance of worship should ignite our desires and dreams, conveniences and comforts, and become a sweet smelling offering unto God.


  • Salvation is free indeed.
  • In Christ, God is already pleased with us.
  • Worship is our response of love to a God who gave us His all.

Thus, for us worship cannot be anything less than offering the whole of ourselves unto Him.

It is us as whole and not in part that needs to be brought upon the altar to glorify our God whom we love. For it is in perishing there on the altar that we find true life, life eternal, which He has freely given us.


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