Short Term Gains and Long Term Losses

The people of Israel found it way too hard to totally eliminate the Canaanites as was commanded by God. It was the result of their lack of faith coupled with complacency. Instead they tried to make ‘good’ use of the people by making them do forced labor. However, the balance sheet does not present a good picture. It was actually the trading off of their God given inheritance for some firewood and pails of water. What seemed like gain in the short term ended up becoming long term problems – spiritually, economically, and politically.

Though there are exceptions, we are nonetheless becoming a kind of people who would avoid difficulties, challenges, and problems. We would conveniently prefer the easy, with minimum effort and of course without disturbing anything at all.

The spirit of complacency has made us sleepy and dull.

As a spiritual principle – complacency not only leads to a loss of gain, it can lead to very long term bondage, failures, and issues that refuse to go away.

Take for example, David’s seemingly silly or simple decision to extend his vacation ended up becoming disastrous for himself and his home.


Giving God A Chance

Life brings many problems and there are times when we feel like giving up and also there is this tendency to take rash decisions.

The contemporary worldview of ‘pain-less’ and ‘pleasure-filled’ life makes suffering a very lonely experience.

Nevertheless, let us give God a chance to work through our problems and bring glory to His name even as He enables us to become the people He wants us to be.

What comes out of all the pain may or may not be known. At the same time we may be seeing the options that are available to us to bypass the pain. Therefore, faith life can be seen as the conscious denial of those available options and the embracing of the unknown path that God wants us to take.

And as we wait upon God we will realize that Jesus Christ does not disappoint.

Kyrie Eleison

God’s mercy is immeasurably great.

A never exhausting ocean of His goodness;

Anyone who chooses to fall upon God’s mercy will never be disappointed.

Two things keep us away from God’s mercy:

  1. Misunderstanding God – due to a distorted and disconnected relationship with Him.
  2. Guilt – a way of misunderstanding oneself because of not being able to receive God’s forgiveness.

As a result we are least inclined to fall upon God’s mercy and that also at those times when we need God’s favor the most.

Drifting away from God we get used to the arid desert of God-less living, spending our days in spiritual famine. And all the while God has been and still is lovingly waiting for us to trust in Him for His mercy that is there for us, no matter what.

God have mercy.

Christ have mercy.

God have mercy.

Living Life, God’s Way!

Give us the grace dear God:

  • To conceive great things in our spirit.
  • To believe great things in our heart.
  • To be convinced of great things in our mind.
  • To confess great things with our mouth.

Increase our capacity to trust in you, O Lord Jesus Christ.

Caught up incessantly with the mundane things, we find it impossible to think beyond the struggles of life. Most of the time we are forced to be on the defensive.

Does life offer more than what we inherit as human beings living in this sinful world?

Of course, it has to be, after all God has made us in His image and likeness.