Kyrie Eleison

God’s mercy is immeasurably great.

A never exhausting ocean of His goodness;

Anyone who chooses to fall upon God’s mercy will never be disappointed.

Two things keep us away from God’s mercy:

  1. Misunderstanding God – due to a distorted and disconnected relationship with Him.
  2. Guilt – a way of misunderstanding oneself because of not being able to receive God’s forgiveness.

As a result we are least inclined to fall upon God’s mercy and that also at those times when we need God’s favor the most.

Drifting away from God we get used to the arid desert of God-less living, spending our days in spiritual famine. And all the while God has been and still is lovingly waiting for us to trust in Him for His mercy that is there for us, no matter what.

God have mercy.

Christ have mercy.

God have mercy.


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