Strong Foundation

The foundations of the world are indeed shaking. And when the foundations are shaking we need to have the foundation that is within us all the more secured in Jesus Christ.

We are thankful to God for granting us another year. So also, we need to live our lives fruitfully, by:

  • Practicing righteousness; and,
  • Experiencing God’s holiness

We need to be ever willing to hear and learn from our Master, so that we may be prepared to do His bidding and serve Him.

Church historians Bengt Sundkler and Christopher Steed, in their book A History of the Church in Africa, acknowledge the role of the Capuchin mission in the extensive evangelization effort in Black Africa prior to modern times.

“From 1645 to 1835 no less than 440 friars were working in Kongo/Angola. The climate was not beneficial. More than half of the men died after only a few years or months in the country, but this did not frighten them, new recruits followed unhesitatingly. These were men who in a time of worldliness and war found strength in meditation and a disciplined prayer life.” (emphasis added)

The difficulty we have in doing difficult things is because of our foundation within not being nurtured, the altar lies neglected.

Any age, any time – no matter what the external circumstances are – a Christian is only as strong as his/her foundation within, reflected by the personal disciplines of holy (i.e. set apart) living.


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