Seizing the Moment

Serving God is about seizing the moment along with Jesus Christ for the glory of His name. Seizing the moment is best done by them who are full of love for God and also others. And true and pure love is possible for them who have received the love of God in their own life.

God’s love takes away fear and selfishness, expanding in us the capacity to be generous and hospitable.

While Mary, who anointed the feet of Jesus, could seize her moment to worship Him; Judas, one of the disciples of Jesus Christ, ended up revealing what was filled in his heart.

While Mary made the most of it; Judas, in the pretext of helping the poor, ruined his moment with the Lord.

Ministry has a BIG side to it – BIG events, BIG results, BIG changes – nevertheless, most often ministry is in the small, even the very small things of life. And blessed are those who are enabled by the Holy Spirit to make the most of those little moments.


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