By Faith Alone

All human beings would prefer a salvation that we can earn ourselves. However, ‘salvation by works’ does not work with an infinitely holy and righteous God who will not compromise His nature and justice.

And, ‘salvation by faith’ in Jesus Christ is the offer that He lovingly extends unto us.

Let us therefore, not only be visited by the grace of God but rather overcome by His grace. So that every resistance to God’s gift of salvation may be broken. Such resistance is actually the carnal desire to assert one’s own self.

If seeking to act independently of God led to the original sin then it is also the chief factor that keeps us from God’s gift of salvation. ‘Salvation by works’ offers a sense of control to us which we do not have when we receive ‘salvation by faith.’ God is in control and we have nothing to boast.

Paul says that the election of Jacob over Esau was determined by God even before they were born. Even before they did anything good or bad. In my evaluation, although Esau showed least consideration in keeping his birthright, in most aspects of his life, as recorded, he appears pretty straight and Jacob shows all deception and crookedness. But Paul makes clear that it testifies to the importance of election in God’s working.

Now in the election of Jacob there is hope for all those who are broken and defeated. While some are naturally better than others and some do their best to lead good lives, no one is justified before God by any of those factors. God justifies us, not because of our works of righteousness, but because of what Jesus Christ did on our behalf. It is not about us, it is all about God. It is about Jesus Christ and we need to believe in Him for our justification.

Many in their zeal seek to establish their own righteousness. But it is only their ignorance, as they end up failing to submit to God’s righteousness.

For Jesus Christ is the righteousness to everyone who believes.


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