Under-reached but Over-reported

We need to pray for the unreached and under-reached people groups of the world.

When we look at India, over the years mission work has increased greatly. However, that does not mean that it has resulted in a proportional impact on the unreached, under-reached people groups with the good news of Jesus Christ.

When I talked to some missionaries, who have been serving God for more than four decades now, they said that there was a time when resources were scarce but the population was welcoming, receptive, and tolerant. They, and many others also, worked on ‘fresh soil’ sowing the seed of God’s Word with tears. Nowadays though, resources that we own or can make use of have increased exponentially. People are also responding to the gospel in greater numbers. But the general population has become increasingly resistant, prejudiced, and hostile to the missionaries.

There may be three reasons for this change in people’s attitude:

  1. The resistance of the powers of darkness that hold the people captive.
  2. The propaganda against Christian faith and especially evangelistic work.
  3. The shameful mistakes on our part in making exaggerated, heroic claims that had little to do with ground realities.

The first reason calls us to pray and ask for the move of the Holy Spirit over our land.

The second reason calls us to live and work with humility and wisdom. Building bridges and making friends, allowing people to see us for who we are.

The third reason calls us for introspection –

Giving a report of our work is an essential part of missionary vocation. And we need to admit that there are those who have a tendency, for whatsoever reasons, to exaggerate. Nonetheless, is it also not true that as we are engrossed in prayer and doing our part in God’s harvest, in due time the work itself would speak on our behalf. And then, should we be seeking such momentary applause in this temporal world for our work that pertains to eternity.


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