Waiting Upon God

Waiting upon God is not a common experience. Very few people have been able to really wait upon God as He requires of us.

  • Most people do not even consider the option of waiting for God to reveal His will and then for fulfilling what He has promised. Doing what seems good to them is the way for such.
  • There are those who try to seek the will of God but then are unwilling to invest the years required.
  • There are also those who go some time in the experience of waiting upon God only to lose hope and give up.

Giving up is easy because of the options that we do have and that is the greatest challenge for waiting upon God.

“Deny, refuse, and learn to give up the common to become the sacred.”

And in this experience, even more than the result or achievement, the experience of waiting upon God is in itself most sacred.

However, this principle goes against our conditioning to value the result over the process. We have become so obsessed with the end result of it all that the process, the journey, the means is relegated – if at all – to a distant second in significance.

In God culture, the process is of utmost significance. It is holy. God is very much interested in the story and the smallest of details. Well, without any shadow of doubt, when the process is all right then the result would be excellent.

Hence, rather than seeing ‘waiting upon God’ as a difficult to swallow pill that promises some kind of benefit, let us joyfully receive it as a precious gift from God. A priceless opportunity to linger in the presence of God almighty.


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