Passionate Faith

Abiding faithfully in Jesus Christ is a call for being proactive. The challenge to be faithful is seen mostly in relation to the one true God, and walking in His ways. It seems, there is some factor or law in us that tends to remove us from faithful fellowship with God. Putting it in simple terms – going bad and staying bad is relatively easy; and, consistency is hardly an issue. On the other hand, staying true to the one true God can never be taken for granted by us human beings.

If we don’t do anything to nurture our faith that which remains in us is in serious danger of being lost.

Joshua, as a leader with vast experience, knew it very well that the basic drive at work in all human beings, even the people of faith, was to turn them away from God. He understood that in this logic is not at work. That the people may actually end up doing illogical, stupid things.

It is with this very passionate burden that he says to the people of faith – “choose whom you will serve, as for me and my household we will serve Yahweh God.”

If we are not eager, conscious, and proactive in matters of our faith then there is a great possibility that we may end up wrong.


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