Ordinary to Extra-ordinary

Jesus was by the sea. To minister to the people He got into a boat and moved into the waters. He sat on the boat and addressed the people who stood on the beach.

With a little effort Jesus could convert the ordinary setting of the sea side into a grand theater for His ministry.

We live in a time when it has become the norm to have so many complex, pre-conditions, pre-requisites, and preparations fulfilled before doing the ministry. Often the ministry part is ‘in waiting’ before the conditions are met. And then there is the investment needed both in terms of labor and money to meet all the criteria.

This is not to say that organized events do not have a place in God’s work. They are needed and we need to strive for excellence. At the same time, ministry need not wait for any other factor. In the same spirit of excellence, with the help of God’s wisdom and a slight rearrangement or positioning of oneself a great event can be held. Whether one person is blessed or too many, when we create a moment for God to move, it is a blessed privilege indeed.

And there is no doubt, for every step of faith from us, God will move and the people will be blessed.


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