Moving our Problems Towards Jesus!

Certain problems in our life can render us to an incapacitated state. We are hardly able to move. We come to a standstill.

However, a closer examination of our condition may show that we may actually be exaggerating our condition and much of what we feel may be the overarching influence of fear, distaste, prejudice, etc.

Probing deeper, we can relate our life situation to one of the three ways as give below:

  1. Life is not reduced to a paralyzed state but we are only thinking and lamenting in those lines.
  2. Life is sort of reduced to an incapacitated state but we can, with God’s grace, shrug it off and move on.
  3. Life is actually at a dead end. There is no way available and no movement is possible.

Though it may sound like over-simplifying – “movement helps.”

We need to move.

If only we can move our condition or problem and present it before the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ –

Rather than making passive reference about our problems in prayer – if we can, with determination, bring the issue, as it is, to Jesus Christ – then Jesus can bring great changes.

Some people brought a paralyzed man to Jesus Christ who was carried by four people. They were determined enough to ‘dig through’ the roof (NRSV) and present him before our Lord.

And then Jesus, forgiving his sins, heals him and makes him stand up, take up his mat and go home.

If we can dig through all the things that keep us away from Jesus, and if we put our problems before Him – then Jesus will do for us what He did for the paralyzed man!


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