Do We Choose Life or Do We Choose Death

One Sabbath day Jesus went to the synagogue.

There was a man there with a withered hand.

There were also people there waiting to find fault with Jesus.

Jesus upholds life and goodness.

The people bent on finding fault with Jesus are silent, and wickedly so.

Jesus is angry at them. Their silence actually revealing their hardened hearts that did not want to be helped by the teaching or reasoning of the Lord. Such silence is nothing but a deafening wail of the dying, of those who are very dead on the inside.

The man in need receives life and goodness as he is lovingly healed by Jesus Christ.

The people who wanted to find fault with Jesus are now convinced of their mission in life. they want to destroy Jesus.

They uphold death and evil!


The scene at that synagogue may be compared to the scene at the garden of Eden.

God is, on the one hand, upholding life and goodness. We do not read about any restriction from God for eating from the tree of life until they had sinned.

The ‘old serpent,’ on the other hand, was teaching them to find fault with God. Eve’s assertion about death by disobeying God  was easily brushed aside by the cunning serpent.

The sly and slithering serpent stuck to his argument – “What is life until you go out of the confines of God who is somewhere up there….”

They quickly earned their ‘freedom’ and also found themselves in league with the serpent subject together to the law of death.


Back to the scene in the synagogue –

The Creator God is there, offering life and goodness, to mend and make right what all is withered because of sin and death.

His motive is love. He cannot bear to see us withered. If not on the outside definitely we are all withered up on the inside, and also wasting away to death and the possible eternal damnation in hell.

There are many who would, like that man, draw near to Jesus Christ and be made whole.

There are also those who would rather buy into the lie of the serpent that God should be destroyed.


If only we can keep on depending on God and thus be made whole and also remain so. Thus, receive life and goodness from God.

Or do we go away, walking in arrogance, blinded by the thought that we do not need God.


God alone, help us still, and keep us forever. For ever we only depend on you Holy Father along with Your Holy Son and the blessed Holy Spirit, Amen.


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