Making the Most of our Problems

Problems and problematic people continue to exist in our lives for certain seasons. And, though we may not feel like it, we need to remember the truth that God is in control.

  1. Problems and problematic people play a role in testing us – especially our faith. Do we keep on trusting God in all situations? Particularly so, when we get the much desired relief from God, do we see the need to trust God. When we are free from our problems we need to be very careful. For when we do let our guards down and stop feeling the need to trust God – pop – the problems come back.
  2. Problems and problematic people exist for the purpose of training us – especially our character. It would do good for us in great measure if we can begin to see our life more like a preparatory school and battleground experience combined – to make us what God wants us to be for eternity. Sadly, we prefer to see our life like a picnic or an extended vacation. So, whether we are presently having problems or we are going through a time of relief – having the mindset of a learner/disciple that recognizes the ongoing battle would greatly help our growth and fruitfulness.

Life offers immense opportunities for us to grow in faith and character. And it is possible for those who have received the grace of God to trust God for victory every time and all the times.

The early chapters of the book of Judges teach us that – God did not drive out the Canaanite people groups for some reasons. The primary reason being to test their faith in God and the secondary reason was to train them for war.

However, instead of understanding what God intended for them through these circumstances, we find the people defeated in faith, defeated in their character, and also defeated before their enemies. The people were leading confused lives.

Every act of deliverance from God and the years of rest that followed offered them valuable lessons to learn and also mend their ways, which they failed to do.

Do we who call ourselves God’s people live miserable lives under the heavy yoke of defeat and hopelessness or do we soar high in the strength of God as more than conquerors in Jesus Christ?


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