God Delights to Help You

God delights to show us the path of life:

God does not want us to lose our way. Human beings are notoriously prone to lose the way. It is far easier and more probable for us to lose the way than to make it right.

Going to God is the straight and hence the shortest path ever before us. But we mess it up most times and wander away from God rather than go to Him. Moreover, having lost the way – we find it most difficult to acknowledge that we are lost, let alone turn around and go back to God.

Nevertheless, for those who would go back to God, the good news is that – God delights to show us the path of life

God delights to give us His presence:

God does not want us to be alone. Human beings are created for company. Actually, we are specifically designed to be in the presence of God. However, we are so bent on trying out all other options other than God’s fellowship that we may wait for options that are not even there.

The more we try out other options – the lonelier we feel. We keep longing – but nothing ever satisfies. But for any who would seek to experience God’s presence – the good news is that – God is not far away. God delights to give us His presence.

God delights to give us victory:

God does not want us to fail. Human beings are most afraid of failure. We do not want to fail. While failure is a serious problem for most people, the tragedy is that most of the winning is happening in the wrong contests – in ‘events’ that actually do not count.

That is the reason for the empty feeling that sometimes accompanies the winning experience. As good as every victory can be to us – we need to ask ourselves – “Is this the purpose of our life? Do we need to do something more or something different?”

God has a plan for us. And not only the plan, His desire is that we should win. It is when we do it in His purpose and do it by His rules, that we truly feel victorious. And though the world may not have the slightest clue of what we are doing – our Lord God would surely stand and applaud.

For those who seek to win, even though such a person may be under the bitterest of defeats, the good news is that God wants us to be victorious in its true sense.

Let us join the Psalmist in telling God – “Thou wilt show me the path of life, and I shall be filled with the joy of thy countenance, with the pleasure of victory of thy right hand.” (Psalm 16:11, The Lamsa translation of the Peshitta (Aramaic Bible) which is the authorized Bible of the Church of the East.)


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