Saved to be Strong in God

Isaiah 30:15 says – “In returning and rest you shall be saved, in quietness and in trust shall be your strength.”

We will try to understand the four words in this verse that describe our spiritual life.

This prophetic utterance of Isaiah describes the salvation experience with the usage of two words: 1. Returning and 2. Rest.

1. In Returning Back to God

To the place where we were made to be, to belong to God.

It talks of a restored relationship and also giving up on going independently of God. It talks of the journeying back through all the wrongs.

It encourages the addressing of issues face to face and does not prescribe a superficial treatment of sin problem. In this returning back to God the saviour – we are justified by God Himself. We neither need to wallow in guilt nor need to make any pitiful attempts of justifying ourselves.

So, let us return back to God.

2. In Rest which describes the kind of life the saved are called to possess.

In a very simple way of seeing history – “Humanity became restless after eating the forbidden fruit. But when we consume Jesus Christ, we are appropriated back to the state of rest.”

It promises harmony and a life without fear. It speaks of the sufficiency of trusting God and living freely under the shadow of His wings.

It encourages us to scoff at the suggestions of the evil one and deny the fleshly longings of the self, while learning to remain content in obedience to God.

So, let us find that rest in God.

The other part of the prophecy describes the strength of life in God, using two words: 1. Quietness, and 2. Trust.

3. In Quietness – which is the result of spiritual strength.

The more we find strength in God the more we find it easy to remain quiet. The more we fellowship quietly with God the more of His strength do we discover within us by His grace.

Of course shouting, proclaiming, celebrating, etc. have their vital roles in the expression of our faith. But we need to balance such expressions with quietness, solitude, contemplation, etc.

This should encourage us to fix times of intense, rich and meaningful fellowship with God – and quietness is the best way to do so.

So, let us be drawn close to God in quietness.

4. In Trust – we remain strong in God.

The more we realize that there is no vital strength without God, the more we are made to trust in Him and we become stronger in His strength.

Unlike the world where strength is charecterized by independence and self-sufficiency, spiritual strength in Christ Jesus is defined by increasing trust in God and in self-denial.

This should encourage us to discover more of our weaknesses and helplessness and the simultaneous joy in also discovering that the strength of God is richly provided for us in all those areas of our vulnerabilities.

So, let us find joy in realizing our weakness and the supply of God’s strength in our life.

For thus said Isaiah the blessed prophet: “In returning and rest you shall be saved, in quietness and in trust shall be your strength.” (Isaiah 30:15, ESV) 


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