Seeing Abundance Made From Our Little Life

God is so very generous when He blesses us.

The five loaves – taken, blessed, broken, and given did not merely meet the requirements of the very large crowd of people – it is written that all ate and were satisfied and they took 12 baskets of the leftover pieces.

It was only very little to begin with. However, because of Jesus there was an abundance.

Your own life may be only very little before the humongous needs of the people, the church, or your own life situation. But then, because of Jesus Christ you can become an abundance of resource.

To begin with, our spiritual gifting and the call are so very little. When we start, it seems hardly anything is happening, that the impact is so meagre. But, when our spiritual gifting and our call are all offered unconditionally to Jesus Christ, He can create an abundance, using us for the benefit of many.

Homemade bread is uniquely flavoured, unlike the factory produced ones, because of many factors small or big. The grain, the mill, the vessel in which the flour is kept, the hand that kneads it, the vessel/oven in which it is cooked, the kind of fire or heat employed, the packing – all combine to make homemade bread unique.

So also, is our life.

The environment that gives us growth, the people who wound us, the circumstances that crush us, the situations that contain or restrict us, the hands that inflict pain, the trials of life that cook us, the new situations that receive us – all combine to make us uniquely flavoured.

So what do we do now?

We need our very life to be taken by Jesus Christ.

We need to hear Jesus Christ say a word of blessing over our life.

We need to be broken by Him – and that may be asking for more pain.

And we need to be given or used as He alone deems fit.

This is exactly what we need to see happen with our life. And if it all turns out well – there is every chance of becoming an abundance of blessing, but then there is also every chance that we will lose our life as we know it. We are definitely bound to lose control over our life.

So, will we invite Jesus Christ to take us in His hands, to say a blessing on us, to break us (ouch!), and to give us for the benefit of many?

For God can make so much more of our life, than what we can do with our life.


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