Our Appointment is With God Himself

Great is the steadfast love and faithfulness of the LORD God towards those whom He calls. When God calls us to Him, He is calling us to leave what we have naturally inherited or are naturally inclined to. So faith journey is this process of leaving what we are disposed with or are in pursuit of and receive God Himself as our inheritance and our portion.

Our life is all set to change; about which the New Testament testifies: “Behold, all things are made new.”

As great and wonderful was the role of the land of Canaan in God’s salvific work through Abraham and his descendants – I believe, the personal call of Abraham was to God Himself. For him, the land of Canaan served the purpose of giving him a sense of direction.

When we look at our own life as New Testament believers, it is wonderful to find our attachment to the community of God’s people and also to be led by God to serve Him in some capacity. I affirm that they are greatly profitable both to us and to God’s kingdom. Nonetheless, we should remember they are also signboards that point us to the ultimate call of God to Himself.

The delays and trials in our faith journey, particularly in places that we call ‘spiritual’ and places where we are led by God Himself, can be better understood by us if we take into account this aspect of God’s call. That He has called us to Himself and for Himself. That He is our reward and portion, our great and lasting inheritance. Which none can take away from us.

The land of ‘Canaan’ is God’s idea, albeit a shadow of things eternal. But this ‘Canaan,’ along with the good it has to offer also gives us its share of delays, doubts, and troubles. But there is no dearth of joy – because it is the Lord God who has called us and not the land. We go through the land, we may live in the land, but our call is definitely heavenward – to God Himself.

As New Testament believers, we need to become a part of a fellowship; we need to be involved in serving God. Although all these things are a blessing to us and others too, they do fall short and may actually disappoint us on occasions, giving us serious doubts and also trials. However, let us always remind ourselves that our appointment is with God Himself.

“That our Appointment is with God Himself.”

Eleazar was a sensible man and he had a logical question or doubt regarding finding a bride for Isaac from the kindred of Abraham, his master, with the condition that Isaac will continue in God’s call. That the call of God cannot be compromised. So we find the land of Canaan raising a very serious question regarding the life of Isaac, who was called to live there.

But then, when Eleazar sees the work of God in leading him amazingly, he says –

“Blessed be the Lord, the God of my master Abraham, who has not forsaken his steadfast love and his faithfulness toward my master.”


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