Imitating God

The role-model for all who are serving God is our master Jesus Christ Himself. It is particularly Isaiah who portrays the Messiah as the Servant. He is described as the Servant – whom God upholds, the chosen one in whom is God’s delight.

His life is portrayed as a life in the Holy Spirit and His mission as bringing forth justice to the nations.

About His life and work we read that:

  • He did not cry aloud
  • He did not lift up His voice
  • He did not make His voice heard in the street
  • He did not break a bruised reed
  • He did not quench the faintly burning wick

Yet, He faithfully brought forth justice.

He did not grow faint or discouraged – at the face of people’s misplaced expectations, disciples who were slow to understand, the betrayer, the denier, the deserters, the burden of all the sins of humanity, the cross, the wrath of God, etc.

Yes, and He will not stop – till He has established justice on the earth. For the coastlands and hinterlands wait for His Word, which is the New Covenant.

When we model ourselves like our Master who became the Servant for our sake, we need to remind ourselves that:

  • More than crying aloud
  • More than lifting up our voice
  • More than making ourselves heard in the street
  • And, definitely, there is no need to break any bruised reed
  • Nor do we need to quench the faintly burning wick

Serving God is not about how we perform. It is all about faithfulness to the cause of justice as demonstrated by God Himself in Christ Jesus.

It is about not fainting or becoming discouraged at the face of all the challenges, troubles, and set-backs that may come against us.

It is about not stopping till justice is established on the earth by God’s reign.

It is all about taking the Word, the message of the New Covenant to the coastlands and hinterlands of the planet.

It is about seeking first the kingdom of God and His righteousness.

And in that pursuit, may our Master who does sympathise with us and our struggles, help us and continue to use us for His kingdom, His glory.

Christian faith is the only movement in all of human history that grew by its virtue of soft-power. So much was the dynamic of its tenderness that it grew and continues to grow on the blood, shed by the faithful martyrs, who loved Jesus more than their own lives.

On the other hand, in situations where political and financial might were employed, the inner strength has been found declining.

So it is not about our outward strength, it is about our inner strength. It is not about what we say, how long we speak, or how loud we are. It is about how well we live. It is not about the gifts we can flaunt. It is about the fruits we need to bear.

So, let us cast down, willingly, the ambitions we have in ministry and in the using of our talents; and confess the Lordship and reign of our God and Saviour Jesus Christ.

And like Jesus did, let us also bear fruit in abundance without making any fuss, without making a show.


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