Forgiveness is For – Giving

The parable of the Unforgiving Servant has some more Mathematics to it.

We saw that the debt forgiven the man by the king was so very huge that ‘forever’ would not have been enough for him to pay back, and yet the king had pity on his servant and forgave him his debt. He was totally forgiven. Now this man had a fellow servant who owed him a Hundred dinarii. In the footnote of my Bible (ESV), one Dinarius is described as one day’s wage for a laborer. So Hundred dinarii would mean an amount made by Hundred days of labor.

In my understanding, that amount, seems to be manageable and may be settled, given some time. However, the man who himself had such a great debt that was impossible to settle did not have it in him to forgive another person who owed a debt that was manageable.

Now, let me put it this way: Let alone someone who damages Hundred days of our life, we find it so difficult to let go of the person who damages few moments or minutes. In the previous blog I was trying to say that even eternal damnation in hell does not settle the damage done by us in sinning against the infinitely holy God. And yet, God forgives our ‘Impossible Debt’ because of what Jesus Christ has done for us, just because we believe and repent.

Therefore, since we have gotten this relief from God who had pity on us, we simply don’t have any right to seize or choke or punish anyone who has wronged us. We have no right to hold on to the minute debts that others may owe us.

Let us not forget that it is only the Amazing Grace of God that frees us from our debt. And if we do not forgive others we are only disqualifying ourselves from being forgiven by God.

I admit that people do have the potential to damage our life for days, months, years or even generations. It is not easy. And they may or may not be able to set right the damage done to us. However, let us, even when we hurt greatly, choose to look away from the damaged part of our life and choose to look at the cross of Jesus Christ.

If not for the cross of Jesus Christ, where would we be? Where would we have ended? How hopelessly doomed we were, without our Savior?

Looking at the cross and then when we look back at our debtors, let us choose to forgive and love.

For heaven is the place for great sinners who are forgiven by God and also enabled by Him to forgive others.

I was on my way to hell for sure. It was Jesus who came and saved me. And now that I am set on my way to heaven for sure, for sure, I must not allow my unforgiveness to disqualify me.


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