The Good Shepherd Leads

Jesus Christ our Lord God leads us like a shepherd with gentleness and care. Though, sadly speaking, in great ignorance and an almost equal measure of arrogance we tend to live out our life thinking that the favors and blessings of God in our way are of our own merit.

But where would we be without Jesus?

Not only do we need Him in times of distress and trouble. We need Him every hour.

What does it mean to be led by God?

  1. There are so many things prepared and provided by God for our life. That too, whatever He does for us, He does it with so much care and affection. Alas! When all is well, how many of us ever pause to realize the greatness of God’s providence in every little detail of our life. Our God provides for us.
  2. There are so many times when we need to be helped out by God. Those are the moments when we desperately need the Shepherd. It can be either the troubles of our life or the temptations that we face. Any problem that afflicts us and makes us desolate – we need only realize that our good Shepherd is very near to us and readily able to help.
  3. There are those crossroads of life when we are required to make decisions. Some may be easy, while a few may not be easy at all. In every cross-road of our life, when we do not know what would happen in the future, we need to listen and the Shepherd would lovingly speak out His heart to us as He gently leads us on.
  4. There are also some stretches in our life journey where nothing seems to happen, and the change we desire never comes. Our desire for progress is frustrated and God may seem to be strangely silent. Those are the days that require us to wait patiently for our God. Trusting God, even when we are not sure of His presence. He is there with us – always – watching over us with eyes full of love and care.

Isaiah 40:11 – “He will lead his flock like a shepherd; he will gather the lambs in his arms; he will carry them in his bosom, and gently lead those that are with young.”


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