God has invited us….

The King called those who were invited, but they would not come. He called them again, sending other servants. But they paid no attention and went off to do other things. Some even shamed and killed the servants. They were actually invited, but they proved themselves unworthy.

We who feel called by God need to take care that we do not take Him and His call lightly. There are enough and more distractions in this world. And if we ever lose our enthusiasm for God and His ways we will readily end up attracted to other things. We also lose the sense of urgency in responding to God. We may feel that other things deserve our time and attention. In a sense we end up saying that, “God can wait.”

Treacherous indeed is our way to eternity because of our own sinful nature that seeks to see us damned. The greatest resistance to faith does not come from outside. It comes from within, and it comes very subtle and slow. It makes convincing arguments against our convictions, but only at those moments when we are most vulnerable and our guards are laid down.

Hence, let us take care that there is no stretch in our life journey where we drift away from Jesus Christ our Lord and still feel alright.

Let us pray that God will keep us from being hardened in our hearts. That He would help us to always respond in good faith whenever He beckons. That we may never lose our passionate heart for our Saviour Jesus Christ.


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