Jesus will not give up on you…

Our God is the Lord of continuity – the master story maker who weaves generation after generation into a meaningful masterpiece. The God of Abraham continued His work through Isaac and then through Jacob. He tells Jacob that He would continue to work in and through his children also. That the promised land is for them, and more importantly, God’s salvation would unfold through them.

It is the desire of God to write meaningful stories that are really long. He loves to see that continuity – generation after generation. There are those of you who have seen or heard about what God had done with your parents, grand-parents or some ancestors. He will continue to work in you and through you also. And for those who swear that God has begun His work through you, He will continue to work even after you. It is not going to end with you.

In the short-term perspective, there are those who feel that the work of God in your individual life has ended. You feel that the continuity is broken and maybe you think your life itself is broken. Nevertheless, God is waiting to continue His purpose in your life. This phase of failure and disappointment that you are going through will be transformed as God has not given up on you.

In the physical world we see people giving up, resigning, and feeling very seriously that everything has ended for them. They wish that their life would have been different, that it could all have been so much better. They feel drowned in their past mistakes, errors of judgment, lost opportunities. They feel there is now no hope for them.

However, in the spiritual realm things are different. There we can see God warming up to do something new for those very people who think that they have lost it all. So do not go by what you see or hear or feel. God is at work, though I agree that there may not be any evidence for you to see in the physical realm. But God is doing His work and His work will surely continue through you.

Believe in your heart that God is able to fulfill that which He has purposed in His heart for you. Because our God continues His work through generations and also continues to work in the lives of His people individually. He does not give up and He will not give up on you.


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