God wants to mend your brokenness….

Problems and issues that we have are hidden and tucked in somewhere deep inside. We neither have the mind nor the time to resolve them. To the strangers and casual friends we present a polished front of our personality. The people who are close to us see another face of our life altogether.

We try our best to conceal the wounds we have inside. But it is, as Richard Russo put it, like trying to put a cat into a bag – there is always one leg outside. So also there are some ‘outstanding’ issues of ours that scream for our attention. It can be that painful feeling of loneliness. It can be those terrible episodes of fear. It may be those explosive bouts of anger. It may be that irritability that we carry around always.

Ignoring the problems within us is not going to help us at all. We need to face the brokenness that we are hiding inside.

First and foremost, we need to set apart time. In our prayer, as we fellowship with God, we need to have quality time given to reflect on why we are the way we are. There we give God the opportunity to console us and mend or heal us inside. This leads to true spiritual formation. So, we need to find quality time for this discipline which will enable us to experience the transforming work of Jesus Christ.

Secondly, we need to have the focus. Generalizing things do not really help us. We need to have properly defined goals, examples, role-models, and also clear cut steps for making real progress. We need to know who exactly we want to become as a person and the steps or models for reaching that goal.

Thirdly, we need to isolate the different issues, and as much as possible, focus on solving each issue one by one. We can begin by addressing something that went wrong very recently. Wait upon God to understand the hidden but real reason for that wrong behaviour. There we not only understand why we did something wrong but also receive God’s consolation for healing. Maybe, we don’t repeat that in future or at least we are made better equipped to handle it. If we go wrong again then we can again take it up with God – till we are healed and that particular issue is resolved for good. Do not be discouraged thinking that this is going to be time consuming. The good part is that progress in resolving them one by one leads to less of clutter.

I would like to encourage you by saying that you need not live all your life with your emotional wounds and inner brokenness. Jesus Christ is able to heal you. And the Saviour who is the same yesterday, today, and forever always asks you or me – “What do you want Me to do for you?” Yes, Jesus is asking us – “What can I do for you?” And when we open ourselves in faith it is we who are made to see the wounds that we have inside of us and we can experience His healing touch for a truly transformed life.


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